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Individual health insurance is essential, but some people don't have the luxury of having health care coverage through their employer, and others are self-employed. We can provide health policy options that could be cheaper than you expect.

What should you consider when choosing health insurance?

Depending on your current health level and type of risk appetite your may have, you can often find a health insurance policy that's priced just right for you. There are four main variables to consider when selecting your plan:

  • Copayments, the percentage that you pay toward medical bills.
  • Deductibles, this is the amount you pay before insurance pays.
  • Annual limit, the total amount the insurer pays.
  • Medical services, treatment, and drugs the policy covers.
Is preventative care typically paid by the insurance provider?

Yes. Is is important to know about preventative care when selecting a health insurance policy. Insurance providers typically will pay up to 100 percent of any preventative health care procedures, such as screenings, checkups, physicals, and vaccines.

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